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Domestic producers are understandably concerned about import competition from low-priced material arriving from Asia, Turkey and the CIS.  The slowdown in China, geo-political instability and capacity increases in emerging markets are all dramatically changing steel trade pattern.

•    Can the US steel market possibly absorb more imports?
•    Will slowing demand growth in China be met by significant reductions in supply?  Or will Chinese steel exports simply continue to rise?
•    And just how much will reach US shores?

These are just some of the questions that are being asked and unfortunately they are largely beyond the influence of steel mills in the US.

To what extent can US players remain competitive in the global marketplace?

The CRU North American Steel Conference will leverage CRU’s analytical horsepower to assist delegates in understanding the outlook for import competition, and more importantly what can be done to safeguard against the surge.

•    How do US steelmaking costs like labor, electricity and raw materials compare with the cost base of steelmakers in key exporting regions? How will this develop and what measures should the industry take to safeguard competiveness?
•    How will exchange rates play into US steelmakers’ position in the global marketplace?  
•    Economic growth, steel demand and cost competitiveness by region all play a role in trade patterns. How will trade patterns evolve in the short to medium-term and what role will China play in terms of export strategy?

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